Not needing an introduction, nor getting into much details on what to do, where to stay, etc. I will, therefore, keep the literature in this post at a minimum, and just share some photos. Arrived on a Friday, hit the west end of the city for dinner and drinks with friends, and the party did not stop until Sunday night.


Saturday consisted of an event hosted by ‘Fuse’ at an old warehouse location that was not utilized for a few years, followed by an after party at an underground wine cellar. Sunday started with me experiencing ‘Sunday roast’ for the first time, then heading to Camden to see Thievery Corporation at the Roundhouse.

Round of applause for Thievery Corporation

The rest of the week was chilled for the most part, between riding bikes on the left (universally wrong) side of the street, checking out some markets and spending some time in the amazing contemporary art museum, Tate Modern.

London Eye

Here are some photos from Tate Modern:

Borough market was a perfect place to take a break from cycling. A warm seafood meal followed by produce and fruit shopping was in order.

As you probably know, the sun doesn’t shine quite often in London, so anytime it’s out for a few hours, Hyde Park fills up pretty quick.

This was my second time in London, however the first time I spend a significant amount of time. Such a great city with lots of activities and unusual diversity. If it wasn’t for the constantly gloomy weather, it would’ve been one of my favorite stops during this tour.


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