One distinct fact I noticed everywhere I went, is that most people are not content with where they are, some of them wonder why I’m even interested to visit their cities! They fail to see the beauty that lies within. Proves the saying: “The grass is always greener on the other side”. I see beauty in slums, hope in village kids, opportunity in dirty oceans, hidden smiles in frowns and so on. Don’t let the surroundings defeat you, you don’t need to be in the ‘best’ place in the world to be the best you. No excuses.

This vagabonding journey helped me reset my priorities, have a clearer vision of what I want to do and what I want to become. It also got me in touch with my spirituality. Realizing what religion or faith is cannot be learned in books but rather by contemplating, meditating and feeling life rather than learning it. Islam affirms that the sacred and the secular are not separate, and that the world itself has spiritual lessons to teach. We just choose to get sucked in scriptures and theories; know too much and feel too little.

Some fun or disturbing numbers, depends how you look at it:

⌛️ 19 – Months I’ve been on the road.

🗺 43 – Countries visited during these months.

🏙 136 – Cities visited in these countries, 111 of them for the first time.

🛫 75 – Airports visited.

🛏 216 – Beds slept on.

🛩 175 – Hours spent in the air, on 77 planes.

🐠 48 – Hours spent underwater, on 69 dives.

🚌 100 – Hours spent on 32 buses to reach these cities.

🚆 162 – Hours spent on 31 trains between these cities.

🛳️ 6 – Ferries took me to some coastal towns and islands.

🚗 67 – Cars took me between these cities/towns, spending 238 hours (10 days) on them.

18 – Kilometers, the height of the mountains/peaks I was on top of (11.18 miles). That’s Montaña Machu Picchu, Peru (3,082m) – Tara, Serbia (1,544m) – Kotor Fort, Montenegro (1,200m) – Vrmac, Montenegro (1,671m) – Mount Sinai, Egypt (2,285m), Meteora, Greece (550m) –  Adam’s peak, Sri Lanka (2,243m) – Thorong La Pass, Nepal (5,514m).


My main goal is documenting my experiences, and also to help inspire anyone considering or embarking on a similar journey.

I use a Nikon D5300, iPhone 7 and iPhone XR for photography displayed on this website.