This post covers more than one trip to my homeland, so I will not go in order. Rather, I will cover every region on its own. I waited long on this one since I kept adding new locations the more I re-visited. I grew up in Egypt, living there for a total of 18 years. … More Egypt


A pretty spontaneous decision to decide trekking in Nepal, when all you have in your suitcase are summer clothes. Figured some last minute shopping can be done in Kathmandu; one day was enough to buy some essentials, trekking shoes, a jacket, beanie, scarf, etc. It was the end of March,  and the weather was not … More Nepal


Frequently visited by my circle of friends, Thailand’s tourism became trending in recent years. Most of the people I know end up visiting the southern islands, which are a lot more popular than visiting the north. However, I was more interested at the time of my visit to explore the north, knowing that I could … More Thailand


Second attempt. I was planning to head to India after kicking off the new year, 2018, in Sri Lanka, before discovering that I need a visa. Diverted my route, spending 45 days traveling through the south east, passing through Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia, then decided to make it back to my original route (West … More India


The island nation has been on my list for quite some time; after acquiring my scuba diving certification, diving in the seas of Indonesia was a dream of mine. From my circle of friends, Indonesia has been frequented a lot by them, most notably Bali. Had to go see for myself what it’s all about. … More Indonesia


One of the smallest, yet richest countries in the world; Brunei is located on the island of Borneo, which hosts Malaysia and Indonesia as well. Brunei is a sultanate, an absolute monarchy, where the Sultan has supreme authority and is not bound by any written laws or legislature. The small country is rich in oil … More Brunei

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Being an hour away from the Bosnian border warranted a quick day trip to Bosnia. Learned about Višegrad from some locals in Serbia, recommending me to visit ‘Andrićgrad’, a city dedicated to Yugoslav novelist and Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić. Andrićgrad is built entirely from stone by Serbian film director Emir Kusturica, who also built Drvengrad … More Bosnia & Herzegovina


My second stop on my tour in Asia. I was planning to come here at some point, however, was a last minute decision to visit Malaysia this early on. An unexpected visa requirement for India made me postpone my visit, and prompted me to book a ‘day before’ flight to Malaysia and start by exploring … More Malaysia

Sri Lanka

My first proper experience in Asia; you may sense some extra excitement in this post. Seeing is believing I guess, apparently such places are as beautiful as they look on computers’ backgrounds. Sri Lanka is a country with a large population density (ranked 42nd globally), therefore the distances between towns are pretty short, which allows … More Sri Lanka


A part of Europe that presents a unique character, differing from the rest of the continent: The Balkans. Consisting of former ‘Yugoslavia’, but with Bulgaria substituting Slovenia, the balkans are a perfect choice for backpackers. With the exception of Croatia, which gained more popularity in recent years thus becoming more expensive, balkan countries are relatively … More Serbia